In the past, Florentine pietra forte stone was highly prized in building for its durability and resistance to scoring, and was only occasionally used for decorative applications.
Many renowned Florentine buildings, including the Palazzo Vecchio, Palazzo Pitti, Palazzo Medici and Palazzo Strozzi were built with this stone, and it was more recently used for the S. Maria Novella railway station, generally recognised as a masterpiece of 20th Century architecture.
Unfortunately, the original pietra forte is now only seldom used, since the original quarries have been largely mined out.

PIETRAFORTE porcelain tiles are made in 4 colours, in the 60x120 (24”x48”), 30x120 (12”x48”) and 60x60 (24”x24”) formats, in the natural ground and honed ground finishes.
The collection is intended to be used in residential, commercial and public spaces, and is an ideal match for both classic and modern architectural styles, as well as very minimalist interior designs.


Last update: 1/23/17